Monday, April 12, 2010

too good to be edible

omg omg omg! i found the cutest website, it has so many nice ideas about how to make cute foods! the only thing is, i wouldnt want to eat them... it would be like eating a peice of art, or a puppy!
this one is so cute, its made for one inch high pocket goblins :) how cute is that!
believe it or not, this is actually edible!
so simple, so pretty!
i know what your thinking, they have been edited these bright colours... but no! they werent edited they are actually this colour, the creater put food colouring in them! clever clever clever :)
l o v e coffee, its so awakening and delecious (its also good when drank on a cold day (: )

this would go great with coffee or a vanilla latte! OMG i have to show you vanilla latte! its simply the best!!!
xoxox for now

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