Sunday, April 11, 2010

Best Days!

the holidays are coming to an end, but i might add they were very well spent. today i handed out resumes and hopefully i will get a good paying job :D my mum has a thing for antiques around the house, so i took some photos for the last day of holidays :)love love love this clock!its just the thing ive always wanted in a house. so cute.

we didn't buy the candle like this, its so hot in Queensland that the sun actually makes the candle melt and flop! its so awesome, i would actually buy a candle like this! would you?

this fairy garden is so cute, mum collects them all the time. she says they make her happy :) she always beings home lovely fairies to add to it :)

my fridge, has a collection of fridge magnets as well, always on the look out for somthing cute to add to it.
i might even attempt to make some :) !

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